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It would take forever to go through all the vegan and vegetarian links on the internet, but here is a list of the ones I have found most useful and interesting. If you would like to suggest a link or have your site added to this list please e-mail me.

Veganism = Fun (link)
These sites showcase how varied and silly vegans can be!
Taste Better - as interesting as it sounds. Tongue in cheek news site with active member commentary. Previously called "Vegan Porn".
Animal Rights Veganism FAQ - one stop resource for info related to the scientific, historical, philosophical and spiritual arguments associated with AR/veganism. Unendingly useful, and also contains funny retorts to all our favorite anti-vegan rhetoric.
Vegan Street - the writing on this site is eloquent, fun, and uncompromising. Unique products, articles, and an Activists Guide...
Herbivore Magazine - super funny vegetarian/vegan culture mag.
100+ Reasons Not to be a Vegan - AKA: the many ways the world at large makes it more difficult to be vegan.

Vegan Recipes (link)
Veg Web - THE vegan recipe database. I use this site more than my cookbooks.
Vitalia Vegan Online Cookbooks - Free downloadable nutritionally dense vegan cookbooks with TONS of amazing and inventive dishes ($10 donation to Vegan Outreach requested, more than worth the recipes).
Post Punk Kitchen - a veggie cooking show on public access! Check out their recipe database, especially the recipes I submitted : )
Vegan Cooking with Kittee - fun website with varied and very yummy assortment of tasty recipes.
Living Foods - raw/living foods are really tasty if you find the right recipes. I was skeptical about the yum factor on these ones but now I eat largely living foods thanks in part to this website!

Vegan Community (link)
Vegetarian Teen - don't let the domain name fool you; this site is excellent for every age group and is full of articles on veganism, raw diets, and an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Vegan Represent - oh, how I love my little Representers. Active message board with fun peeps.
Go boards - active message board from the girls who wrote How it All Vegan and The Garden of Vegan.
Veg Source - a must visit site with many active boards, news articles, links, and other invaluable resources.
Vegan Meetup - planned monthly meetups with local vegans (and, from personal experience, many non-vegans, too...)
Veggie - vegetarian dating site.
Livejournal - tons of fairly useful and active communities, such as VeganPeople, Veganism, and VeganHaven. Members can be very petty & argumentative at times : P

Vegan restaurants (link) - big list of vegan places to eat. - worldwide list of veg restaurants and home of the money saving Veg Dining Card. - another big list of veg*n places to eat.
Native Foods - all vegan, all organic restaurants with locations in Westwood (LA), Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and Costa Mesa, CA. Amazing selection and everything I've had is the kind of yummy that makes your roll your eyes back into your head.
Au Lac - all vegetarian, mostly vegan. Chinese + Vietnamese + raw vegan food in Fountain valley, CA. They make amazing meat analogs, their menu is always getting bigger, and the prices are good, too. I love this place <3
Real Food Daily - all vegan, all organic restaurants with locations in Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.
Food Fight! Vegan Grocery - I haven't been here yet (it's in Portland, "vegan capital of the world" Oregon), but I've heard nothing but good things. Vegan grocery store (duh) that has a bunch of "junk food". Oh la la!

Vegan treats over the internet (link)
Nutrilicious Vegan Bakery - DONUTS, cookies and brownies that, I swear, are 100 times better than anything you've ever eaten. Ever. Also come in wheat-free and suga-free varieties which are surprisingly the most tasty (so says I).
Simple Treats - vegan cookies, brownies, other sweets, and baking supplies. Made to order one batch at a time, mostly organic and made in Vermont. See their book "Simple Treats"!
Lagusta's Vegan Truffles - decadant variety of uniquely flavored truffles only available every other month and not during summer- so order when you can!
Chocolate Decadence - dairy-free, vegan chocolates. Huge assortment! I bought a pound of truffles once, and the day I finished them was THIS sad. When you order be sure to mention that you don't want to be added to their mailing list, otherwise you will receive pamphlets every month that contains all the info all ready posted on their website.
I Can't Believe it's Vegan! - cakes, cookies, bars, and candies from a women-run company in Illinois.
Vegan Delights - offers delicious vegan cookies and vegan dog treats made with mostly organic ingredients.
Vegie World - New York based distributor of Asian frozen veggie foods. $50 order minimum, but what a selection!

Vegan Webstores carrying food + everything else (link) - run by yours truly (in California), and features all veg*n friendly items.

Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe - located in Georgia, carries wide variety of items and cool gift-basket type packages. I shop here about 50% of the time when I need to buy vegan goods online.
Downbound - located in Canada, every purchase at this progressive vegan store supports organic hemp agriculture, swetashop-free production, and animal-free alternatives. The name “Downbound” represents an ideological shift down the corporate ladder, down the food chain and down to earth. Right on!
Pangea - located in Maryland, carries wide variety of items.
Vegan Essentials - located in Wisconsin, carries a wide variety of items. Sign up for their mailing list, they always give discounts and the format is really efficient. (Can you say "web nerd"?)
Herbivore Clothing - esthetically awesome, sassy message products from Portland "vegan capital of the world" Oregon.
Vegan Cats - if you're still feeding your cat or dog a meat-based diet, PLEASE read Obligate Carnivore written by Jed Gillen of Vegan Cats. Located in Portland "vegan capital of the world" Oregon, they carry all the pre-made or home made ingredients for nutritionally complete vegan cat/dog food.
Vegan Store UK - located in Brighton, UK, carries a wide variety of items.
Vegan Goods - located in Ohio, carries a wide variety of items.
PETA Mall - mostly message products, books, and companion animal items, but also has various other stuff.
Vegetarian Vitamins - I believe these are all vegan safe, but check ingredients to be sure.
Vegan Erotica - all synthetic, plant-based products for some good (and usually kinky) lovin. Because of the Paypal Nazis they can no longer accept credit card payments so stick it to the man and do a mailorder.

Vegan links directories (link)
Cool Vegan - You have to see their logo
SoyStache - gigantic list of veggie links!
Susan's Veg Bookmarks - this lady has done her Internet homework.

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