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  but please read this first!

Positive Feedback (including comments, input, personal experiences, etc.)
I need constructive criticism, as well as kind words! Fire away!
Questions (asked respectfully, of course)
Ask me anything. If you have a specific situation that I haven't all ready addressed, I might not be the best source to ask. I don't know about vegan pregnancy, or good veggie restaurants in your state (unless you live in California!), so you might want to give Google a try before (or in conjunction to) asking me. Nonetheless, I adore your questions, so bring them on. I have about a skajillion other articles I want to write, but at the risk of delaying this site indefinitely I must add new articles slowly. I'm open to new suggestions though, so if you would like to see specific information on an aspect of veganism then suggest away!
Rebuttals (comments attempting to "debunk" anything of a vegan nature)
I did mention that I spent a reeeally long time researching this information, and I've been studying veganism since I made the switch in 1999? Without sounding like too much of a smartypants, there's a great chance that I've put more actual research on my position then say... someone who wants to try to refute vegan facts. (Yes, I am that confident in veganism) If you really think you've found a discrepancy in anything I've written, I do welcome the correction. But if you can't cite your sources (via a link), and attempt to prove you're not just perpetuating hearsay, then I won't dignify you with a response. Probably won't even finish the letter if it's obvious the claim is unsubstantiated. A little debate is good for you, but it's hard to take a person seriously who won't spend 60 seconds searching online for facts, but will take 10 minutes to write a rambling e-mail to a stranger. As explained under the "flames" section, I have a Zero Tolerance policy on retarded e-mails. All well-meaning rebuttals should be aimed here.
Flames (naughty words, rhetorical questions, misplaced anger, insults, emotional blackmail in the form of what-ifs, etc.)
Did I mention the Zero Tolerance policy on retarded e-mails? You don't yell rude things at strangers on the street (or at least I should hope not), so don't feel you have that liberty online. Hiding behind your screen and throw away e-mail account is as cowardly as not owning up to your own destructive lifestyle. Yep, I said it.
Go to the library and read a book on veganism. If you learn actual facts about this lifestyle that gets you so riled up, then you might be less likely to defend your barbaric traditions. You might have nothing better to do than write flames, but I'm too busy promoting veganism to waste time replying to people who pick fights on the internet.
How about instead of heckling people who are busy actually trying to fix the world, you go find a positive cause to work on, too?

For those of you with browsers that refuse to cooperate with my JavaScript, here's the jist... think before you write, and substantiate any claims you make. I adore all questions, comments, and requests, but ignorant letters don't get the time of day. <3 LK

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Disclaimer: Research is good for you.
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